Scene Trash Magazine was a regional monthly print magazine. What that means is, every month or so a dozen really cute girls write a whole bunch of articles about East Coast independent and unsigned bands. We then turn those articles into a lovely little magazine and distribute them. Our staff is comprised entirely of girls 21 years old & under. We promote bands and shows; and once in a while, we'll throw our own special events. Before you ask, no, we can't get you shows; especially if you're looking to get on a show in Baltimore.

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Christine, 20. Boss Lady. Baltimore.
I like pop bands, 7AM and lists. It's safe to assume that at this exact moment I'm either anxious or stoked.

Karlyn, 18. Co-Boss Lady. VA.
Journalism and Music Industry student at James Madison University. Loves coffee, adventures, and people watching.

Dani, 20. Editor. Middle-of-Nowhere, NJ.
Always anxious. I am the physical manifestation of Lydia Deetz, Daria Morgendorffer, and Enid Coleslaw. Combined.

Ashley, 20. Content Editor. GA.
Artist, Vegetarian, Environmentalist, Extrovert. Dreaming as if I'll live forever; Living as if I'll die today.

Claire, 19. Photographer Editor. Manasty, VA.
Big personality, big voice, and big heart in a small package.

Shannie, 16 going on 21. Marketing Assistant and Chipotle Enthusiast. MD.
I'm two parts young and one part restless.

Britney. 21. Workaholic. Westminster, MD.
In West Philidelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days.

Danica, 15. Writer & Photographer. NJ.
School, Shows, Reading, Writing, & Photography is my life. I'm a million different people all at once.

Abby, 17. Writer & Photographer. Philly/South NJ.
I'm a really happy person. Friends, music, and shows pretty much sum up my life.

Ryan Ashley, 19. Writer, Photographer, and Professional Badass. Embarrassingly old fashioned writer/actress from Charleston, SC who likes the film industry and October and haunting music and insane hair.

Ashleigh, 20. Writer. Spontaneously living on Strong Island. I think about the future alot. I live for the present.


Scene Trash started in April 2006 by Christine after the success of her 16th birthday, and her street team experience. She acquired the help of several girls in the Baltimore and surrounding areas and produced 5 issues. In September 2006, after numerous staff changes, there was some re-evaluation of the direction the magazine.

Scene Trash took a four month haitus during Fall of 2006 then kicked back off in 2007. We have since undergone another renovation in February 2010, and transitioned to a full color, full page format. Over four years later, Scene Trash has done hundreds of interviews & reviews and has had a wide array of staff members and issues. In December 2010, we released our final issue.

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